Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Info - 6 Effective Tips on Healthy Eating for Kids

Be a role mode to eat healthy food is just one way to encourage kids eat healthy food. With the advertisement of fast food and junk food on TV and other kids eat junk food at school; your kids can’t resist following them. We shall be persuasive and use tricks to encourage kids eat healthy food. It may take sometime.

Here are tricks or 6 effective tips on healthy eating for kids:

1.Educate your kids the difference of healthy food vs. junk food. Tell them that we shall eat healthy food daily for our body to grow and stay healthy. I tell them that junk food is party food and we can eat them occasionally or on special occasions.

2.Take along your kids to shop at wet market or supermarket. Allow them to pick vegetables or fruits they like to eat.

3.Involve kids in food preparation or cooking.

4.Make healthy food is accessible for kids at home just in case they’re hungry. Hide the junk food away or don’t store them at your home. If your child likes sweets, buy vitamins in fruity flavor instead of sweets.

5.Don’t use forces or reward to push your kids eat healthy food.

6.Introduce new food and be creative to serve the food in different ways. Kids like surprises. Involve your kids to decorate the food.

Example : Healthy food vs junk food

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