Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Info - Tips and Techniques to Improve Memory Skills for Kids

Techniques to Improve Memory Skills for Kids

Improving memory skill is necessary for schooling children so they can excel in their study. There are tips and techniques to improve memory skills for kids other than rote learning, learning by repetition which is a common practice for students.

Visualization. Elaborate information with charts, graphics or images will make easier for children to understand about the subject and to memorize it easily. For example: a food pyramid. At Preschool, children learn to remember the word written if they draw a picture next to the word. When my primary school child learned about the habitat, the teacher took the children out to observe the habitat in the school compound. They observed animals and insects lived around the tree and they visualized them into a drawing and made a table about the animals and their habitat.

Mind Map. Mind map is the result of visualization. My kid learns a simple mind map and she refers it as clouds. It doesn’t have many branches as the complex mind map used by college students or professionals.

Association or Mnemonic which means mindful. You can convert information into funny phrases or abbreviation that you can recall easily. For example: the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. You can convert them into: ROY GBP (Great Britain Pound sterling). My preschooler remembers the phonic by making it into songs. The phonic of letter C, she sings it: Camel coughs ccc.

Doing Project. Students have a better understanding of the subject if they work on the project rather than they learn by repetition for the exam. By doing the project, they gather information, understand and write them. They use their judgment and creativity to produce a paper.

For more techniques to improve memory skills for kids and to find a better way to study, let’s take a look at Students Winning Edge. Two Memory Guys who have trained memory skills for professionals for more than 10 years customize their memory training for kids in Students Winning Edge. Students Winning Edge will elaborate techniques to improve memory skills for learning foreign language, mathematics/numbers and other subjects at schools that require students to memorize. They believe that children have a better memory than adults do. Unfortunately, most schools never taught them on how to retain the information.

Tips to Improve Memory Skills for Kids

Besides applying techniques above to improve memory skills for kid, kids need a positive social support and environment. Your preschooler learns faster if she has a social support from parents and teachers and the class environment is fun. If parents can oversee their children to study and give them encouragement, their academic result will fare well. Students who work together in a team or study together will support each other and they may learn faster.

Brain Food to Improve Memory Skills for Kids

Do you know the brain food to repair your brain and to support memory and concentration? It is healthy fats food. Take plenty of cold-water fish, canola oil, soybeans, walnuts, wheat germ, eggs, and flaxseed oil. They’re rich in Omega 3 but processing food often removes Omega 3. Hence, you can give your kids fish oil supplement which is rich in Omega 3 and DHA.

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