Friday, November 19, 2010

Class music...

Skang nie dah masuk minggu ke-4(klu x silap la..), aku join class music kat OPUSMUSIC..

Tp sian, Ibu dah x larat nak attend class..nak suh abah,punyela payah dia nak masuk class...nak duduk pun Ibu dah x blh sangat..apetah lagi nak dukung2 aku..huhuhu...

Esok ada class, x taula g ke x..almaklumla, Ibu dah x larat..

Nie ader a little bit info about myclass..

Musical Toddler
Age: 18 months - 3 years old (Accompanied by a parent)
Duration: 30 minutes
By now your child will be a great explorer with curiosity mapping their journey. "Musical Toddlers" will compass every step by focusing on your child's healthy emotional development, as confidence, self-control and communication begins to take shape. Instrument exploration will help promote self-esteem. Singing, rhyming, and object identification to foster language skills and creative dancing to develop balance and timing and spatial awareness. Self-directed play is part of this stage. Toddlers seek success and new experiences and are in the process of classifying and reclassifying to organize their perception of the world. These are the essential tools taught in class and given to them as they explore life. Anticipation and rewards of listening, turn-taking activities that helps develop social skills will be introduced, rendering your child a better "Captain" of her ship on her little journey of discovery. Music plays a vital role in early childhood, to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Sonok join class nie..Macam2 aku blajar..sesuaila ngan umor aku yang baru 2 thn lebih nie..heheh...

Class every Saturday...pkl 10am - 10.30am..Setiap semester ader 3 aku join bulan Nov 2010 - Jan 2011..Tapi disebabkan Ibu dah nak berpantang bulan Dis nanti, so class untuk bulan Dis N Jan akan dipostpond ke next semester..that's mean continue Bulan February...

Ibu sajer jer joinkan class nie tok aku..At least blh gak ajar kat adik2 aku yang lain..insyaallahh..

Setakat nie ader sehari aku t'miss class..itu pun coz aku x brape nak sihat..lgpun time tuh aku ader kat KG..hehhe...

Klu nak info detail leh check kat website nie k..

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